Eyelash Extensions

Our Lash Technicians are fully certified and experienced with all things lashes. Each extension is individually glued to your own lash using a medical grade adhesive, and we have hypoallergenic glue available upon request. Our full sets range from an hour to two hours+, depending on how glam you want to go. Classic Fills take half an hour to forty five minutes if they are booked every two weeks as recommended. Volume Fills take an hour and 15 minutes+.

Home Care:

Mascara is not recommended. If mascara is worn the adhesive will break down much faster, resulting in lash loss.

Makeup can be worn, but removed gently with an oil-free makeup remover.

Brush your lashes each morning with the spoolie we provide.

Cleanse your lashes every day, if not wearing makeup, water will suffice. If any makeup has been worn, use an oil free makeup remover and cleanse the base of the lashes with a cotton swab or makeup wipe.

Natural Glam Set

Our Natural Glam Set is best for those wanting a look that is better than mascara, with the option of added curliness and length. 1 hour - 1h 15 minutes.


Classic Fill: $75

Hybrid Set

A beautiful blend of Volume and Classic Extensions, edging into the dramatic side of lashes. 1 hour 20minutes - 1hour 45 minutes+


Hybrid Fill: $95

Full Volume


Fluffy and full, these extensions are perfect for those with thinning lashes that need more coverage, or those who want to maximize as much out of their extensions as possible.

2 hours+


Volume Fill: $115